Thursday, March 10, 2011

E-Books are Like Lottery Tickets

E-Books are Like Lottery Tickets


Neil Ostroff

Today’s technology means that even the most outrageous, out there, politically incorrect story has a chance to foster an audience. A story universal in its theme, yet at the same time so appalling in its intensity, can exist. Though the theme of my novel FROSTPROOF is universal (a man down on his luck will do almost anything to survive) its means to achieve that goal is somewhat disturbing.

Just how far would you go to change your life? For Niles Pierce, the main character in FROSTPROOF, he risks everything. His wife, his home, his safety to try and change his life. The only problem is the man he’s chosen to help him is a psychotic killer who believes he is turning into the messiah. To prove his transformation he kills random strangers and then explains why he did it and what it feels like. All the while Niles is trying to cope with the horrendous acts while figuring a way out of the mess. The ending will leave an impression on readers long after the last page.

My point in telling you this and why I titled this article the way I have, is because like lottery tickets, books that otherwise would be to extreme for the mainstream have a chance to hit a big audience. You’re deepest, darkest thoughts could strike a chord with millions of people, and thanks to technology, be delivered almost instantaneously.

Like winning the lottery, you’re “non-commercial” e-book could bring you millions in royalties. I hope you enjoy FROSTPROOF.

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