Sunday, June 28, 2015

Still #1

Last day of promotion and still the #1 book in its class and genre in America!

Friday, June 26, 2015

All FREE today!!


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Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Middle school student Tim Madison’s life gets crazy when a strange visitor takes him aboard a magnificent spaceship to train to prevent a future war. Ruthless aliens called Tarnacki are constructing a massive extermination army deep inside Earth readying to unleash a shocking attack and no one can see it coming!  

Returned home Tim races against the odds to formulate a plan to protect the world. Danger escalates quickly! Time becomes his enemy! He must do something truly incredible and fast! But even risking everything to stop the Tarnacki isn’t enough! It requires selfless acts of bravery that he never could have imagined! Can he stop the invasion before all humanity is destroyed?


High school student Nick Murray’s sudden death is not natural. Something non-human killed him.
Entering the afterlife is like joining a syndicate. There are rules, regulations, and immortal entities in positions of great power. The devil, who has been banished to the lower levels for eternity, craves this power and will do anything to attain it. Including destroying all of humankind.

Nick’s soul is sent back to the world of the living and into the body of a high ranking soldier. He must stop the devil from inciting a nuclear catastrophe and forming a zombie attack force from the newly dead. When the body Nick occupies is executed for treason, he discovers a horrifying secret about his own origins that may destroy everything he’s fighting to save. Has everything he’s been led to believe about the hereafter been a lie?


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End of life is only the beginning.

Collin Weaver dies in a horrible car crash. A beautiful woman named Heaven appears at the wreck like an angel of mercy, but Heaven is no angel. Heaven thrusts Collin on a harrowing journey during which he must observe the final moments of ordinary and extraordinary people. Collin participates in heart-wrenching games of life and death to decode the human experience. He must learn the reason for his having been alive before his soul can advance to a higher state. Until the grandest revelation of all shows him the meaning of everything.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Times are a changing!

As most authors now know Amazon is going to start paying authors for the amount of pages read and not for each complete book. I’m not certain how I feel about this. On the plus side, it could free readers up to explore more books if they are only going to pay for it if they like it. On the negative, most casual readers never finish a book or do it over a long period of time. And how about if readers skip a section? What will it do to royalties?

Of course, there are other options for authors. You can publish with Smashwords or through any of the other hundreds of ebook outlets. But let’s face it, Amazon is king! I’m not sure how this new policy is going to change the publishing industry but it will change it. And then what’s next, paying musicians for how much of a song is listened to?

I, like hundreds of thousands of others, am a slave to Amazon and how they control their merchandise. The industry is changing and I will be forced to change with it. I am an author who needs an outlet to reach his audience and almighty Amazon is my king.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Storming the marketplace!

It’s been a long while since I last posted and a lot of changes have happened in my life, but now I’m back! I’m oiling up the promotion machine and getting my books out there. First, I totally re-edited and re-wrote my entire middle grade sci-fi series THE GALACTIC WARRIOR series. Three books brimming with action, adventure, and wild aliens. I’m giving away the first book in the series, SILENT INVASION from June 25-29 on Amazon, so if you haven’t read a copy now’s your chance to see what the hype is all about.

Next, I’ve scheduled several promotions for DROP OUT which is my bestselling novel to date (more than 10,000 copies sold). One is with Riffle Books, another with People Reads, and another with FKBT. I’m also running a free promotion for AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, my inspirational/philosophical novella. This intense story has touched so many lives I’d rather the book be read by everyone rather than making a few bucks off the story. The free promotion for this one starts June 23-27.

And last, I’m also running a free promotion for my paranormal adventure AFTER. This runs from June 24-28. I know that for now I’m giving away three of my books but that is in the hope that readers will like my style and my can’t-put-me-down stories and get interested in my other seven books.

All this promotion aside, I’ve also started the outline for the second book in THE END TIME series and written notes for my planned wildly eclectic philosophical adventure NEVER BORN. I’ll be working on both manuscripts throughout the summer.

One more thing that I think is worth mentioning… recently I’ve seen a lot of authors continually re-titling and redesigning their covers. Some even use a pseudonym pretending to be a different author. These writers are taking advantage of the marketplace by falsely claiming a new title has been written and then making a quick sale off unsuspecting fans. I absolutely abhor this practice. I do believe authors should continually update and revise their manuscripts as errors are pointed out but to blatantly proclaim a new book was written is just hogwash. I still believe that books are an author’s work of art and once titled should be held in that regard. There may come a time when standards and the marketplace force me to change the covers of my books but the title and more importantly my real name will always be the same underneath. Thank you very much.