Friday, June 19, 2015

Storming the marketplace!

It’s been a long while since I last posted and a lot of changes have happened in my life, but now I’m back! I’m oiling up the promotion machine and getting my books out there. First, I totally re-edited and re-wrote my entire middle grade sci-fi series THE GALACTIC WARRIOR series. Three books brimming with action, adventure, and wild aliens. I’m giving away the first book in the series, SILENT INVASION from June 25-29 on Amazon, so if you haven’t read a copy now’s your chance to see what the hype is all about.

Next, I’ve scheduled several promotions for DROP OUT which is my bestselling novel to date (more than 10,000 copies sold). One is with Riffle Books, another with People Reads, and another with FKBT. I’m also running a free promotion for AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, my inspirational/philosophical novella. This intense story has touched so many lives I’d rather the book be read by everyone rather than making a few bucks off the story. The free promotion for this one starts June 23-27.

And last, I’m also running a free promotion for my paranormal adventure AFTER. This runs from June 24-28. I know that for now I’m giving away three of my books but that is in the hope that readers will like my style and my can’t-put-me-down stories and get interested in my other seven books.

All this promotion aside, I’ve also started the outline for the second book in THE END TIME series and written notes for my planned wildly eclectic philosophical adventure NEVER BORN. I’ll be working on both manuscripts throughout the summer.

One more thing that I think is worth mentioning… recently I’ve seen a lot of authors continually re-titling and redesigning their covers. Some even use a pseudonym pretending to be a different author. These writers are taking advantage of the marketplace by falsely claiming a new title has been written and then making a quick sale off unsuspecting fans. I absolutely abhor this practice. I do believe authors should continually update and revise their manuscripts as errors are pointed out but to blatantly proclaim a new book was written is just hogwash. I still believe that books are an author’s work of art and once titled should be held in that regard. There may come a time when standards and the marketplace force me to change the covers of my books but the title and more importantly my real name will always be the same underneath. Thank you very much.