Monday, June 18, 2012

Worst ever!

My newest KND sponsorship for SILENT INVASION was a total disaster. As I predicted after I booked it, having a sponsorship for a middle grade novel the week schools let out was a HUGE mistake. The sponsorship yielded almost no increase over my usual daily sales. If I can offer any advice to promotional efforts for books is to make sure you take into account the world’s events when you schedule. I do have another sponsorship on Kindle Nation Daily for DROP OUT on June 29th. My logic for that date is because it is the Fourth of July weekend and many people will be on vacation at the beach, or needing something to read by the pool, or on a plane. DROP OUT is a literary adult novel so I’m chancing on an entirely different genre and audience. It will either be a big success or another waste of promotional money. I still recommend that all indie authors use sponsorship to get themselves out there. Even though I chalk this latest sponsorship as the worst ever, my book was still exposed to about 150,000 people through the KND site and their Facebook page and Twitter. And the link will be on the internet forever, so who knows what the future holds. I also just got an email from that they like the covers to my books so much that they placed them on display on their site. All unsolicited and free! Exposure! Exposure! Exposure! That’s what it’s all about.

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