Thursday, May 30, 2013

Useful information

 I came upon this list and felt it was important enough to share. I will be delving into these sites to see what they're all about.

Great Websites for Marketing & Connecting with Readers: (Book Buzz Circle) (Book Buzz Circle)
The Kindle Book Review (Book Buzz Circle)
The Women’s Nest (Book Buzz Circle) - monthly promotions and events - nice book blog - tweets to large audience $29 - large audience with lots of promo ops.
The Independent Author Network - nice site to build online presence
Kindle Boards - talk books, and daily book/banner ads that are affordable.
Author Marketing Club - FREE! A slew of great stuff for authors (Free promos, support, reviews)
Kindle Mojo – A book promotion site - pricey but has a large email following - author features/reviews/free book posting
All Mystery Newsletter – ads and author resources

Places to Promote Your Freebie Days: (tweet Teams/Free day announcements for members [free]) - get your book excerpt mailed to thousands of opt in readers - great site to promote freebies and 99¢ books - Offers free promo & sponsorships.
eReaderNewToday – free ebook submissions – tweets to large audience $29 - Promotes to a decent sized facebook crowd.
Freebooksy - Promote free books & offers paid features. - Announces free books and does author interviews. - large reach but expensive. - up and coming free/low cost book promtion with a friendly touch
Kindle Mojo – a book promotion site for freebies and non-freebies
Kindle Book Promos - Free book announcements/Sponsorships
Book - Emails daily book excerpts to their reader list
Author Marketing Club - FREE! Free day promos and book promos - pricey but has a large email following - author features/reviews/free book posting
BookDealHunter – promotes freebies
Free Kindle Books and Tips – Promotes quality free kindle books
Free Today – Post free books. Facebook focused. – List free books - Posts free books and reviews books