Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More marketing advice

I recently published my tenth ebook in the last three years. I didn’t write all of these books in that time frame, some are decades in the making, but all have been meticulously proofread and edited. In my quest to sell books I’ve made every mistake a new author can and spent thousands on promotions that didn’t work.

As my latest book begins the process of getting noticed and reviewed, there are still a few new surprises I’ve learned while marketing this one. I’ll begin with the obvious. Join a writer’s group. I’ve recently joined Enovel Authors at Work. Their promote each other philosophy has really increased my sales and exposure. Go ahead and check out the requirements for membership.

Another new marketing surprise I tried was with Facebook post boosts. If you don’t know what they are, here’s the lowdown. You target a specific group of people to see your post and pay Facebook for the amount of people you want to see it. I spent fifty bucks on two posts and reached a combined 45,000 Facebook users. I saw absolutely no change in sales and in less than a day it was all over but the dust of nothingness.

Save your money and use it for editing and a great cover and blurb. With the internet, millions of people can see your ad or post, but that is only one item out of the thousands they will see in an hour’s time. If the blurb and cover catch them, you’ve got yourself a new reader.