Monday, October 20, 2014


A few days have passed since my Kindle Books and Tips promotion for DROP OUT  has finished and I must say the results weren’t that bad. Though I have said in the past that I don’t believe paid promotion on websites has a return on investment and are good for exposure purposes only, this one seems to have paid out.

DROP OUT sold several dozen more copies on that day than it usually does so I must attribute that to the sponsorship. With so many writers and book sites on the internet, readers are being bombarded by suggestions, and with the explosion of the indie movement there are an infinite number of titles to choose. To find a reasonably priced promotional opportunity that actually got me results is like finding a tiny diamond in a desert of sand.

Of course, good secrets don’t last long when there is a worldwide audience at your fingertips and I’m guessing that the more exposure the site gets the more competition to get in; hence, the prices may rise. I will say I am a bit disappointed in one of my other ‘go to’ sites for visible results; Ereader News Today. They went from a commission based advertising platform to charging a flat rate. Instead of being selective in their titles, now anyone can purchase. I did extremely well advertising with ENT before the format change and even got DROP OUT below the 500 rank in the entire Kindle store for a few days. Now, they don’t even have an open spot for months.

All in all, I may change my opinion on the paid advertising websites front and put a little money in more advertising. There are still a few sites out there that are more interested in highlighting quality books over the quantity of authors willing to pay to see their books on websites. At least for the moment, Kindle Books and Tips appear to be one of them.