Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nearly a year already!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I wrote ‘the end’ on a new novel. When I finished my last book, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, I decided to heed my own advice from the book and spend more time enjoying life and the outdoors and less time isolated from the world, writing. As the theme of the book states, “enjoy each day to its fullest”. 

I knew starting a new book would consume me, and since I finished AS IT IS IN HEAVEN at the beginning of spring, I didn’t want to lose a summer. But still, the obsession to write was a constant, nagging, thorn in my mind.

To ease the roar-rumble in my head, I decided to re-read my entire collection of books, update and strengthen the plots, and just give them all a fresh perspective after 25+ years of writing experience. Doing this post-years’ editing revealed many areas where I needed to strengthen story-lines and add powerful descriptions where it was lacking. Though I did spend several hours a day on this project, it still beat the 10 – 12 hours I sometimes spend in the throes of a fresh, new draft.

I spent nine months solid on this task, somewhat neglecting my previous marketing and promoting fervor, and nearly disappearing from my online writer’s group Enovel Authors At Work. My Facebook page and social networks also suffered, and I neglected my blog like an alcoholic father. But in the end it was worth it. Now that I’ve had beta readers, and content editors, and years of honing my skills, I can finally say that I am proud, confident, and excited to re-release my books to the world! I hope you check them out. Thanks.

 To learn more about me, my books, and my writer’s journey please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING. Thank you.