Friday, August 17, 2012

Making a living

There is no greater personal satisfaction for me than watching the sales numbers for my books go up. It’s not even that I’m earning money from my art that excites me but that my books are actually being read by strangers. Lots of strangers. I know, I know, I’ve said that a thousand times, but it’s just so true. I’m still getting residual sales from the free promotion last week and that officially makes DROP OUT my biggest bestseller to date with well over a thousand paid sales. DEGENERATES is coming in at a close second. Both these books had a four day free promotion at KDP Select which threw them over the top in sales compared to my other novels. AFTER is still selling a few copies a day, but as I said in past posts, my other sci-fi/fantasy books have gone a little stagnant. I’m hoping it’s because of school beginning and all the distractions of that hot mess. Now that my KDP Select contract is winding down I’m going to have to find other ways to give my sales a boost. I’m thinking of doing another paid promotion and I am researching the best sites to place an ad. I’ve also come across this little gem. 45 Places to Promote Your Ebook.  I’m going to start at the beginning and do one a day, and hopefully in 45 days I’ll have my books on all these sites. I will admit that it is time consuming to join the site and then download all my info, but if it results in more exposure than it’s worth it. All in all, this had been a tremendous month for my sales and we still have two weeks left. My hope now, is that I’ll start getting reviews (hopefully good ones) and then I can start to promote those in my blurbs. Though it’s been nearly two years since I left my agent and went indie, it seems my dues are beginning to pay and I’m edging ever closer to making a living as a full-time novelist.

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