Friday, August 24, 2012

The secret

I’ve been thinking about hiring Smith Publicity when I’m finished writing IMAGINATION and have spent the last few days researching them and all they do. If I do sign with them it would mean huge exposure by the ways of television and radio interviews. For some authors they have gotten over fifty interviews. The question is will the royalties made by more exposure offset the costs of a major publicity firm? I haven’t contacted them yet so I don’t know what they charge but I’m assuming it’s in the thousands. The other question is whether I am ready to actually do interviews? Now, I’m not a novice at these things and have done more than a dozen blog interviews and writer’s site interviews, so I have a pretty good idea of what to say and even have a few catch phrases that come in handy. The difference is those were written interviews so I had time to think about my answers. Live is a whole different story. I might even have to shave and cut my hair if I go on TV. Hiring a commercial publicist is a huge risk if my books don’t sell but I think it may be worth it. I’ve reached a level where just posting my blog and self-promoting on writer’s sites isn’t hitting the mass audience I’ve been hoping to acquire. With enough five star reviews of my books from strangers I know my stuff is good, but I know I’m not reaching my full potential of readers. And if I read one more time in the KDP newsletter about an indie author selling thousands of books a day I’m going to scream. One thing those author’s never reveal in their interviews is how they managed to gain that kind of an audience. Sure, they say they spend hours a day marketing but they never tell you in detail what they do. Can someone please tell me the secret to success if there is one? Working hard and perseverance aren’t doing it quickly enough.