Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Okay results

Well, the bookgorilla promotion for SILENT INVASION didn’t go as well as it had for DROP OUT, but I still got down to the 5,000 rank on Amazon. I’ve come to believe that the majority of book buyers who purchase a book because of an ad on a website are older readers compared to the middle-grade/YA readers. I’ve always done fairly well on promotions for my thrillers, but my other genres seem to mostly sell by word-of-word.

What that means, is my younger audience is texting, tweeting, and Facebooking about my books, rather than being exposed by surfing reader’s sites. I think younger readers know what they like to read and tend to stick within those genres, while older readers are more likely to be intrigued by an interesting plot or synopsis. If you are planning to pay for a sponsorship for a younger audience make certain you concentrate on sites devoted especially to them.

I think my mistake with this promotion for SILENT INVASION is that my main audience is finishing up the school year right now and aren’t as interested in reading for pleasure at the moment with final papers and tests due. I won’t do another middle-grade/YA sponsorship until mid-summer, when kids are looking to pass the time.