Monday, June 9, 2014

Good things come…

Nobody said it was going to be easy making a living as a writer. Nobody said it was always going to be fun. Nobody promised me that after spending twenty-plus years holed up in my office writing novels that anyone would ever read them. Nobody promised me anything would ever come of my writing, and yet I still do it.

          Day after day, year after year, I sit in front of this keyboard and tap out characters and worlds. I’ve been to other planets, experienced other dimensions, felt unimaginable loss, murdered strangers, loved promiscuously, hated enemies; I’ve done just about everything I’ve always wanted to do without ever leaving this room. And yet, nobody ever promised me that anything would ever come of this hobby.

          Did I ever think of giving up? If you’re a real writer than the answer is of course, most certainly not! It’s not even possible to stop. Telling a writer to give up the craft is like telling a person with the most cataclysmic bout of diarrhea to stop pooping (thank you Stephen King for that analogy). There is no giving up and there is no stopping an artist with the drive to create.

         If the digital revolution had never happened and I never had made a dime off my books would I still be spending hour after hour day after day in front of my keyboard? Writing is a habit I can’t stop and I don’t know any other way to live my life. For more than two decades I have not given up and have not stopped writing and as a result in the last two years I’ve sold thousands of copies in five countries.  Sample and free promo copies have been downloaded more than 45,000 times.

         And the topper… my book DROP OUT is going to be featured as a bargain book on Ereader News Today, tomorrow June 10th! It is on sale right now for just $0.99! Grab a copy today! It will affect you.

          Funny thing is, none of this would have ever happen if I had just taken the easy route and given up. Never! Nobody ever promised me this would be easy.