Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stand out!

It never fails to amaze me how we have become such an instant society, a society in which entertainment, whether television, movies, or books can be had at the ready with the press of a button almost anywhere in the world and at any time. As a writer, you must have a constant presence in order to stand out among all the clutter.

I have been on vacation for the last few days and have not written any new posts to my groups or made my presence known on the internet. You would think that such a short span of time away from marketing wouldn’t have any effect on my book sales. But it has.

I wrote an article about this phenomenon a few years back when I went on a longer vacation and saw my sales drop dramatically. In order to sell books you must maintain a web presence on the big writer’s sites and writer’s and reader’s threads and communities at all times. People are constantly bombarded with ads and have learned to ignore nearly all of them. The way to get noticed is to keep involved.

We all need a vacation from the stresses and absurdities of life; however, the work of a writer is never really complete. Whether it’s creating new characters and stories or marketing existing works, it’s having homework every day for the rest of your life. To make it big in the book selling world you must put forth the effort to get yourself noticed. Sales don’t occur because a book is a great read they occur because people find out that the book is a great read. And that is achieved by maintaining a presence.