Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Emotion, emotion!

          Being a writer means experiencing dizzying highs and terrifying lows as a novel transforms from mere idea bubbling in the brain into reality on the page. There are times when you believe that everything you’ve written is total crap and there are times when a character reveals something or does something that you hadn’t expected and you find yourself on this emotional high.

          Emotions can swing greatly from one day to the next (sometimes hourly). Today is a good day however, because people have purchased copies of my 12 published books, which for me, is the reason I write.

          Sure, I’m happy for a big fat royalty check, but I think for many artists and musicians having an audience for your work is as soul-satisfying as hitting it big. If I never write another word, I’ll always be happy in the knowledge that all the time I’ve spent alone writing has been worth it.

          I wish I could appropriately express how it feels to not only entertain readers with stories that I love writing, but for readers to think highly enough of my work to shell out their hard earned cash to retain a copy for themselves. Thanks to all my readers for making this possible.