Thursday, November 6, 2014


Since I started this blog nearly four years ago, I never in my dreams thought that it would receive several hundred thousand views. My base of followers has grown steadily and my page views per day are increasing nearly every week. I would like to thank all of my followers and interested readers for that.

Looking back years ago at my first few posts, I can clearly see an old-soul writer trying to understand a twenty-first century technological world. Many of those first articles dealt with my discovery of indie publishing and lamenting about how I had spent decades trying to make it in the regular publishing community. I wrote about my former NY agent and the many close calls we had together. I discussed my writing past and my obsession with the craft. But mostly, what is fascinating about reading my old posts is experiencing my journey from first indie published book up to my latest novel, which will be my thirteenth.

There have been a lot of rollercoaster up’s and down’s along the way to readership. The lowest was the day after I parted with my agent and the heartbreaking decision I made then to give up the writing dream and spend my time doing other things. The highest, the day I checked my Amazon stats and saw that I had sold my first book as an independent author; that book soon becoming dozens sold, and then hundreds, until eventually several of my books briefly reaching below the 100 rank in the entire Amazon store.

This blog has chronicled my frustrations and elations as each of my books (those I’d written in the past and those I wrote after discovering indie publishing) has been published and unleashed into the cyberworld. It is an electronic diary from extreme novice to current book-selling author. A nearly forty year adventure writing stories and finding an audience to enjoy them currently packed into 421 posts. Since my first blog post about my new author’s website (now defunct) to my latest post about an awesome new five-star review, this blog chronicles a writer’s life in the current world. If you’re already a follower then thank you for listening, and if you’re a curious reader stumbling upon me or writer just checking me out, I invite to join this blog and journey with me through the new author indie revolution.