Monday, December 15, 2014

Birth of a Book

Finishing a new book is like giving birth to a child (yeah, I know this analogy has been done to death). And as I finish my latest, I’m feeling especially proud of my newest child. Not only for the accomplishment of finishing my twelfth book but because it is exactly the book (and baby) that I wanted to write.

What do I mean by this? Since I indie published my first book in 2011, I’m been slowly catering my plots and stories to what I want to write and not the stories I think will sell the most amount of copies. When I had my NY agent he got disillusioned with me because I could not keep in the same genre. I would write a sci-fi one year and a thriller the next. He even disliked DROP OUT, a romantic suspense, which has gone on to be my best seller at over 25,000 copies sold.

Indie writing is the best of all worlds. I can write what I want about forbidden topics, people, places, and deeds, without scrutiny. I can write in any genre without fear that months of work could be denied even a chance at publication because of simply writing in the wrong genre at the wrong time. I can write for the pure love of storytelling without worry that a scene might be too intense or the message too controversial.

AS IT IS IN HEAVEN is complete and should be available no later than the New Year. It is an inspiration thriller, if there is such a genre? It doesn’t matter that the book doesn’t fit the norm, what matters is the book got written and the message is available for anyone to read without worry if the book will sell enough copies to keep the editor and publisher in business.