Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Final Read

Sitting down for the final full read of my latest book AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, I am reminded of the events leading to this point. Although the book is not as long as I envisioned (only @ 20,000 words) the novella has communicated the story I wished to express. It is complete.

I wrote the first sentence to this novella on April 12th 2014. I wrote what I consider to be the last completed scene on December 1st 2014. This is an usually long time for me to write a novella, but the intensity of the subject matter warranted more complex thought than my usual fast-paced, action thrillers and sci-fi. This book will change reader’s lives.

In my complete immersion into this story I have come to neglect my other ten books and have done little in the way of marketing and promoting them. My sales have dropped off because of this. However, I believe the sacrifice was worth it. This latest novella is just that spiritually life changing.

As I get ready for the format and book design process I am excited that I can now spend the cold winter months re-emerging into the indie publishing world. I do have an outline for book #2 in THE END TIME SERIES and will probably dabble a bit with a first draft, but my main drive is going to be promotion.

Discussing AS IT IS IN HEAVEN with Anne Rice (yes, the Anne Rice) I believe I may have a big-ticket winner on my hands. She liked the concept of the novella and especially liked the title. And she is someone who knows the business.

So, as I’m heating up my coffee and adjusting the lights in my office to the highest illumination, I begin the final read. There’s even a few flakes of snow dropping from the sky. Perfect.