Monday, February 22, 2016

Let your imagination fly!

           Out of my eleven published books, one of my favorites to write has also been my worst seller; IMAGINATION ( ). I wrote the book a few years ago, during the most creative point in my writing career when I pumped out three full manuscripts in less than a year. As an experienced, decades-long writer, I knew that fresh manuscripts must be seasoned and then re-read several months later with a fresh perspective.

With the other two novels, I did just that and let them sit and stew for a long period of time before re-reading and then having them published. But with IMAGINATION, the concept was so exciting and original I just couldn’t wait to let it loose upon the world. I hurried through the cover design and didn’t bother my beta readers with a copy. And this lack of respect for the maturation process showed in a sub-par release. Certainly, not up to my standards today.

Books are like children and when one underachieves it makes all the other work feel like failure. I was beginning to see IMAGINATION as a lump of coal among a string of pearls. I just wasn’t satisfied with the result.

Putting the book out of my mind for a few years, I wrote two more manuscripts, let them mature, and then had them published with great success. All the while, IMAGINATION sat on the virtual bookshelf with barely a download. It was very disconcerting.

After having spent the last year perfecting my author platform and being promoted on some of the most trafficked reader sites in the world, I finally had the guile to spend serious time getting IMAGINATION into shape. Now, months later and just weeks before my massive world-wide publicity blitz, I proudly announce the re-publication of the mind-blowing, thought-provoking, completely original, suspense thriller, IMAGINATION. Totally re-written, edited by the best in the biz., and with a new, original cover.

Please take a minute to download a copy or read for FREE through Kindle Unlimited. ) You will not be disappointed! Thank you very much!