Monday, February 8, 2016

World-wide Audience!

It used to be that if you talked up a dozen or two readers about your books in a day you’d consider that a success. Scheduled book store signings would possibly bring in a few dozen more, if you were lucky. Boy, times sure have changed.

I am lucky enough to have secured not just one, but two Book of the Day sponsorship spots for two different books (DROP OUT – on March 30th and THE END TIME – February 25th) on Ereader News Today, one of the premier ereader sites in the U.S. That itself will expose these books to more than 500,000 readers. This is simply mind-boggling!

But, I didn’t stop there. I wanted more readers! Seeing the gold at the end of my rainbow, I quickly booked promotions on these sites—**WRITERS – this is a powerhouse list with low Alexa stats: Free Kindle Books and Tips, Riffle, Fussy Librarian, Bargain Booksy, KND, Digital Book Today, Booksends, Ereader Café, Ebook Stage) Doing so, has increased my exposure on those days to more than a million readers! Can you imagine? If twenty years ago I were to tell my family and friends that more than a million people will see my covers and possibly read my blurbs, it would be cause for serious celebration and perhaps even an impromptu party.

The last time Ereader News Today feature DROP OUT it shot straight to #1 in several genres and got below 500 in the entire paid Amazon store. You can understand my anticipation as these, Book of the Day dates edge ever closer. 

And that’s not all! Knowing the intense exposure I will be receiving, I have spent days rewriting my descriptions and setting up my Amazon pages to optimum professionalism. I have also schedule concurrent free promotions for SILENT INVASION on the day THE END TIME is scheduled, and AS IT IS IN HEAVEN for when DROP OUT is scheduled. This will give readers a chance to sample other of my books in the same genre and I will hopefully gain life-long fans.

So to quote Eminen, “you only got shot do not miss your chance to blow” I’ve been given two and I am not going to waste them.

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