Friday, July 1, 2016

Lots of visitors!

Wow… it’s been a while since I checked the visitor stats on this blog and I must say I am impressed at the amount of hits I have been receiving. Last month, this blog received more than 25,000 hits. That’s more than some book sites that sell advertising. Yesterday alone 1,350 people clicked on and checked it out. I sincerely appreciate the interest.

I must apologize for not keeping up with recent posts as much as I wish I could. Life was simpler when I first started this blog five years ago and I made it a point to post something about writing every other day. Excitement was always in the air. The ebook craze was in its infancy and the market new and ripe for the picking. I realized the potential for a global audience, left my prominent NY agent, and spent months refining my manuscripts. I hired professional cover artists, editors, and formatters to tweak everything. And when I finally released them onto the world through Amazon and a few other outlets, it became an amazing journey to the #1 best seller spot that I chronicled obsessively.

Relating the experience and excitement of seeing four of my books rise in the ranks to hit the #1 spot in their genres was the most gratifying time in my life. Almost daily, something wonderful occurred and I would relate it on my blog. My entire writer’s journey is chronicled here from day 1.

Fast forward to the present. My books still sell at a good clip compared to the vast majority of indie writers struggling to get noticed but the market has become saturated and readers have become wary of the infinite number of books and unknown authors flooding the virtual shelves. It’s not easy anymore to snag a promotional spot on the big websites and the number of minor (money-sifting-from-desperate-author) sites offering services is astronomical. There are book review services, marketing services, Facebook friend services, Twitter friend services, scams… you name it. It’s just not as wondrous to be an author as it was when the field was bright and new and raw talent got you a loyal following and thousands of book sales.

I wish I could post every day what is happening in my writing career but the honest truth is that the pure art of writing itself is just not that exciting. The romantic notion of a genius creating in a solitary room just doesn’t make for much interesting banter. Blogging about my latest story only goes so far. True, I am writing a new novel and there will be times that exciting things and happenings will lead me to post and I will let my followers know when they do. In the meantime, keep checking in. I feel excitement brewing in the cosmos.

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