Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Personal Update

Just a quick update to keep my followers in the cerebral loop. I'm working on a new book that is a stand-alone story but also book #2 in the End Time Series. It is based on an idea I've had and kept in the vault for years. The subject-- what lies after the end of existence.

As I've mentioned before the going is slow with this one due to the near perfect stretch of summer weather and a new world of opportunities that have opened. The writer in me says sit still and stay put in front of that computer, but the human in me says get out and enjoy life. It's a constant battle that feels like an incessant, nagging voice in my ear.

Though I have done almost no marketing or promotion for the last three months my books are still selling, albeit at a much slower rate. My KU pages are pretty substantial so I know my books are being read, so that's a good thing. But what continues to amaze me is the number of hits that this blog still receives on a daily basis. I truly appreciate the interest and vow to keep up with posts and information. Last month this blog was hit more than 35,000 times, averaging 1,200-2,500 hits per day. All I can say is... wow! And... thank you!

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