Thursday, July 21, 2011

The ball is rolling

All set to go with DROP OUT. My format guy has it and I'm preparing to market and promote. I recently read an article about how an Indie author can make a living writing ebooks. There actually is a secret and here it is. WRITE A LOT OF BOOKS! The article said that most authors who are earning a decent living from their books have at least seven that are available. If you do the numbers it makes sense. I've sold approximately forty copies of AFTER this month. I charge $1.79 a book so my royalty is about 65 cents. So, I've made $26. Now times that by seven and now I've made $182. I agree, that isn't enough to live on, but if just one of those books begins to sell, it can add up quickly. DROP OUT is my second book that I'm putting out electronically, I have nine more that are already written and complete. Hopefully, by this time next year they will all be out and I'll be living at the beach in Key West, just like the main character in DROP OUT. Again, I highly recommend my cover artist Judy Bullard and my format guy, Chris O'Byrne. I am not a compensated endorser.

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