Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting famous is a marathon not a sprint.

Okay, I got over the woman who bashed me. Thanks to all who responded with their own stories of jerks.

So, in my continued quest to get rich and famous I've come up with a few marketing ideas. First off, though not an original idea, I've decided to get bookmarks made that have pics. of my books and my website, plus info to buy them. I'm putting some at the front desk of the hotel I work at and I am going to local stores to ask if I can put them on the counter so people can take them. It's not like me to do this kind of grassroots marketing, but times are getting desperate and my conventional job is wearing on me. Second, I've decide to start posting comments on book forums for my print books. I've been focusing so much on AFTER I've let them slip by the wayside. The greatest thing about epublishing is there's no shelf life for the book. You can promote everyday as if it's release day. The book is always available at the click of a mouse.

Also, another shining moment came this week. One of my bar customers has a wife who is an avid reader and involved in many book clubs with online members all over the country. She purchased PULP (on her own without me even promoting it) and loved it. So much so, that she's emailing all her members to buy the book and tell their friends and book clubs about it. Then he told me that his wife just bought FROSTPROOF, and loved that, and is recommending that, too. I've already seen an increase in sales through Amazon. Awesome! So, it just goes to show you never know when an opportunity knocks and how quickly it all could change.