Friday, July 15, 2011

Ready for new book release

Okay, so I finished the final of the final read for DROP OUT and I am excited to release it into the world. Truth be told, this is the book that my agent said he didn't want to try to sell because it was so out of my genre. But it is a story that I always wanted to tell about the impotance of living life to its fullest. My initial readers burst into tears at points while reading it, telling me how sad it was, but also how meaningful. I'm curious as to the repsonse it will get. I hope it strikes a nerve and goes viral. Don't we all hope that for our books? Anyway, the cover is on the blog and I'm getting ready to contact my format guy. Again, he does the whole package: assigns the ISBN, formats it to all ebook standards, and downloads them to the sites. All for $150.  All I have to do is promotion and marketing. Look for a huge campaign for DROP OUT coming soon.