Monday, August 15, 2011

How many books should you publish at once?

      I’ve been publishing about a book every three months for the last two years. But it’s only in the last six months that I’ve published my stuff electronically on Kindle and Smashwords, and started heavy marketing and promotion on the internet. Now, you’ve got to understand, these are books that I’ve written over the course of twenty years. They have been through countless edits and critiques by friends and professionals. All have been through the ringer with good agents and powerful publishers. I’ve taken these people’s comments and suggestions over years and years of submissions and incorporated them into my books. Therefore, I believe, when I’m putting a book out there that it is the best it can be.
     What concerns me about this new era of author’s taking control of their own destinies, is the author who puts out three, four, and I’ve even seen five books on Kindle all at once. Now, I admire an author who can be so prolific, but I must admit that in my own mind, I perceive those books as not having matured. Now, I could be wrong. Like my own huge stash of completed manuscripts, these books may have taken years to write and perfect, and the author is releasing a cache of wonderful material. But how many authors are? Being able to publish and sell you work so easily may eliminate the time and gestation period a good, raw manuscript needs to mature; like a fine wine or aged cheese. I also wonder how an author can promote so many works at once and be successful at it?

     Though I do have six books on the market right now, I’ve put out each one individually and marketed it for the following months until I feel a new book is needed. Since I have several more completed manuscripts I will continue this approach and urge other authors to do the same. Why flood the market with your stuff all at once? Make your fans anticipate your next book. I’m marketing my romance thriller DROP OUT right now, but my next novel, a middle grade sci/fi fantasy called INSECTLAND is also complete but I’m not putting it out for at least two months. For those who read and enjoy my books, you’ll just have to wait to read it.

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