Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it worth it to even try to get an agent?

The year is 2005 and I just signed with my agent at Fineprint Literary. I was full of hope and excitement and dreams of hitting it big. Unfortunately, three and a half years later we ended our contract. Now, with six books available for sale and another four on the way I’m beginning to wonder if it is worth the effort to try and get signed again. Considering the average “good” agent receives over 100 email queries a day, what are my odds of getting discovered even if I’m the next Steven King? Are writers still trying to go the traditional route or are most writers taking their product into their own hands and self-publishing, then marketing and promoting on the web? Will there even be traditional publishing in the next five years? Will some really smart people develop websites that match writers to readers’ specific wants thereby cutting out the middlemen of big publishing houses? As an Indie writer who’s a bit off the mainstream, I hope so.

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