Monday, September 26, 2011

It's here! It's live! It's wild!

INSECTLAND is now available nationwide! This week will be spent marketing and promoting. I have several hundred people on various websites and forums that are anticipating this book. Hopefully, it will reflect in the sales. If you're looking to read a story like no other, than this book is for you. Please check it out. Thanks.

Be frightened! Be very frightened! Tiny, dragon-like creatures hiding in our homes are going to harm us. They will shrink us to the size of ants, enslave us, and turn our world into their own. But there is hope. Legions of insect robots intent on stopping them have recruited high school sophomore Dan Larson for help. Thrust into danger, Dan risks everything in a desperate attempt to thwart an attack and prevent the end of society as we know it.