Sunday, November 27, 2011

Infinite sales!

I just did something that I’ve never done before. Something I ignorantly hoped to avoid but always knew would happen. I just paid hard earned dough to promote my books. Well, not my books individually, but my blog and author’s site. I signed up for two marketing ideas that I believe may actually work. I also have a third PR person in line to do search engine optimization. Who would have thought being a writer and selling books could get so complicated. The first site I signed up for is called They drew me in with a special $50 off offer and the promise that I can cancel hassle free after three months and they will refund all of my money if I don’t see results. Can’t lose on that deal. Anyway, what they do is advertise your blog through their sites and social media and send out postings and things. I figure, why not try it if there’s a full money back guarantee. If it works, great! If not, no biggie. The second thing I’m trying today is a site called It’s pretty interesting what they do. For a relatively cheap price (I paid $55) they take your keywords and suggestions and have a professional write a totally unique article that they then submit to hundreds of sites and blogs looking to post information. They have links back to your websites. The theory being, that if the reader likes the info at hand they’ll click on your link to see more. You even get to read and make suggestions on the article before it’s posted. Sounds pretty good. All in all, my investment for marketing and promoting my seven, soon to be eight published books is a grand total of  $239.40. We’ll see how all this goes. I’ll keep everyone posted of my results. Oh, and once I get this search engine optimization thing going on, I’ll let you all know how that works. Here’s to infinite sales!