Saturday, November 26, 2011

Starting a new novel

It’s happened! I’ve finished a new book (DREAM TRAVELER) and it’s about to go live. So, what do I do now? Well, besides all the marketing and promotion I’m planning in the coming weeks, it’s time to start a new novel. I’ve had this one simmering in my brain for a long time; about thirty years. What’s it about? Well, I learned long ago not to talk-out a book before you’ve put it to page, but I have come up with a tagline. ‘You and me and the world we live in is nothing more than illusion’. The title is IMAGINATION. That said, I anticipate many, many hours in front of a keyboard and the entire winter season to complete the first draft. I also anticipate that this will be my longest book simply because of the complex subplots and sub-stories I’m planning. So, bring on the cold and snow! I’ll be holed up in my office pouring out my ‘imagination’.