Thursday, October 4, 2012

Money to make money

Well, here I am again at that crossroads where I need to do something to push me beyond the steady, but stagnant sales of the last month. It appears blogging and posting on free sites has worn thin and most of the people who I got interested in my books have already purchased them. So, what do I do next? I already invested $100 bucks into a KND book of the day sponsorship for DROP OUT in November, and I have two more sponsorships with Kindle Boards Book of the Day in December, one for AFTER and one for SILENT INVASION. But is that enough? With Kindle releasing new versions at cheaper prices, should I do more? This next year could be the absolute golden year for Amazon and Kindle and may be the last time they will rule the marketplace. There’s so many new ereader devices coming out that it is inevitable Kindle will slow. My books are available on these new devices so I’m not too worried about losing any of my target audience, I just believe the time to take action with Kindle is now. That said, how much money do I invest? I will admit that I have been putting royalty checks and extra bits of money here and there for advertising and promotional purposes and the nest egg has grown quite a bit. I’ve been hemming and hauling on KND’s new promotional package that blasts the book to over 100,000 opt-in readers. Readers who are looking to buy ebooks. It all comes down to numbers, of course. The risk of investing more than $300 in a two-day campaign is frightening especially if it yields little or no results. However, if just a small percentage, (less than one percent) of the people who receive the blast purchases the book, the campaign will make money. If I decide to do the sponsor it will be for DROP OUT, which is by far my best seller and has gotten the most rave reviews, not just on Amazon, but on at least a dozen other sites. It also won Indie Book of the Day. I’ll probably ponder the investment for the rest of this afternoon but in the end I’ll probably book it. After all, it takes money to make money, right?