Sunday, October 21, 2012

Patience, oh man.

All good things come to those who wait, isn’t that what they say? Patience is a virtue? And I totally agree. And I’ve been patient, Lord, I’ve been. But how long can I keep it up? Writing a minimum of three hours a day, everyday; marketing and promoting at least an hour a day, more if I don’t write as much, jotting down notes on napkins, and bits of paper. And it is paying off, as anyone who reads my blog or follows me on social networks knows. I have sold thousands of ebooks and given away tens of thousands in promotions. But my patience to hit it big is wearing thin. This usually happens when I’m near completion of a book as I am with IMAGINATION. Self-doubt begins to creep in overshadowing the grand accomplishment of actually finishing a book. I get antsy that more people haven’t discovered me and sometimes feel lost on how to get more exposure. But as always, these doubts will lift as I begin the process of getting my newest onto Amazon and Smashwords and into the world. As I look at the last two years since my first ebook AFTER was published, I do get a rise in how much my blog has grown and how many people read it (to date more than a quarter million hits). My sales, though impressive to some, are still way below what I’d hoped them to be, especially in the U.K where it almost seems like I’ve dropped off the map. I do have three prominent promotions coming up for three different books. Maybe that will get the ball rolling again. Just one viral pop, that’s all I’m asking for. One chance for millions to get a glimpse of what I do and the kinds of stories I write. Then if sales disappear I’ve got only myself to blame. Even then I’ll still write. It’s what I’m hard-wired to do.