Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who to become?

As my latest novel, IMAGINATION nears completion I am beginning to feel antsy to start a new project and my thoughts are edging toward what I should write next. In other words, who should I become for the next year? I’ve had a good time being the characters in IMAGINATION, but it’s time I put them to rest and create someone new. Should I become a psycho killer like in FROSTPROOF, DEGENERATES, and PULP? Or should I become a traveler of time and space, like in DREAM TRAVELER, AFTER, and SILENT INVASION, to name a few of the novels I’ve written? I often spend an enormous amount of time thinking about my next book before I begin, because I know it will consume me for months, especially now that winter is approaching which will keep me indoors and at my computer. I have a few ideas beginning to stir and I’m kind of thinking I may go back to my roots and write a fast-paced, quirky, psycho-thriller. I feel the need to gut my frustrations and have a little bloody fun. I also still have two more completed books sitting in a drawer, maturing. I may bust one out during a snowstorm this winter and see if I can get it into publishable shape. Since I am a perfectionist when it comes to my novels, and I think of them as my children, I would never send one into the world until I’m certain it’s ready. Just a few more weeks of tweaking and my latest should be on the market. Its newest tagline: Because we all die nothing can be real – IMAGINATION.

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