Friday, December 28, 2012


My promotion blitz is going well, sales are slowly increasing, and I’m getting a lot of email from people reading my books. All this is good. However, as one of the emails pointed out, I’m not certain what exactly is generating the increase. I’ve got a lot of blog ads running simultaneously right now at a cost of anywhere from $5.00 for two weeks to $300.00 for the same two weeks, depending on the amount of traffic the blog receives. However, I have no way of knowing which ads are generating sales. It would be a waste to have spent money on the expensive ad only to find it was the cheaper ad that sold the books. Chalk that up to another lesson learned. Do no more than two ads per book at any one time in any single medium. Then judge the results before booking another. I expect interest in my books to increase as the week wears on because I believe hundreds of thousands of people have opened new Kindles for Christmas. I also believe that a majority of these people are traveling home right now or have plans for the New Year and haven’t really settled and explored their new ereader. That’s why I booked my ads through mid January. I’ll know at the end of the month if my efforts have paid off. I do wholeheartedly believe they have paid for themselves already in the exposure I’ve received, which will eventually lead to the ultimate goal: bestseller.

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