Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taking the leap

Here I go! I just spent the most ever on a huge promotion blitz for SILENT INVASION and DROP OUT (my two best sellers). I did it through I’ve read other posts about the effectiveness of such ads and most said that author’s sales increased because of them. I booked on nine different sites with a combined reach of 312,000 avid readers. These are people who actively read the blogs. My ads will feature the cover, a blurb, and the link to buy the book. The blitz will run on all sites simultaneously for an entire two weeks beginning on December 26th and running through the New Year into January. My logic is that people will be getting ereaders (it’s the #1 gift this year) at Christmas and then will have time off through the holiday to peruse various reader and book sites. At the same time, my newest novel debuts on Amazon and B&N, and I’ll be promoting that one like a rabid beast. If there’s a recipe for going viral I think I have all the ingredients. It’s just a matter of how much time it takes to cook.