Thursday, December 6, 2012

The ‘ah ha’ moment!

If you read my blog you know I’ve been dealing with some family health issues related to the dreaded C. Doing my final read for IMAGINATION has helped ease the boredom of fifteen-hour hospital room waits. Of course, waiting is nothing compared to what the patient must endure. It was during one of these interminable waits that I had my sudden, ‘ah ha’ moment. I realized, as my wrist and fingers grew sore from typing on my laptop sitting literally on my lap, that I’ve spent my life writing novels which have gotten great reviews and moderate sales, but I have put forth minimal effort to really hit it big. I’ve done all the free promotion sites you can think of and even purchased a few sponsorships (the last yielding fairly good results) but I’ve never taken the gut-tossing risk that is so necessary for an individual to rise above the crowd and get noticed. I’ve never gone to a book signing, or given a speech at a school assembly, or rented a booth at a book convention; I’ve never gotten aggressive in selling my books. That’s all about to change! Sitting in that hospital waiting room hour after hour I realized that life is too short. I want my books to get read! I want to get noticed! I’ve decided the time has come to risk nearly everything on my talent. Therefore, I dedicate 2013 as my year to hit it big. I’ve already booked two full weeks of sponsorships with KND and Kindle Boards for various books and I plan on booking several more once I get out of this waiting room and can figure a schedule to promote the sponsorships. And once IMAGINATION hits the world in a few weeks, I plan a huge budget on that one. Am I going to risk my life savings? No. But I am going to give promoting my books everything I’ve got for one solid year. No more wasting time idly waiting for it to happen. Time is too precious.