Monday, September 9, 2013

Dog days

If you follow this blog you know I've recently acquired a rescue dog, part beagle/part ?. He is a good dog, friendly, gentle, and quiet; as I've mentioned before, a good writers dog. However, I have notice my writing productivity has nosedived since this animal entered my life.

Is that a good thing?

The past few years I’ve spend nearly half my day, almost every day in front of my computer. I’ve missed out on beautiful sunny afternoons and long hikes in the woods. I’ve spent hours marketing and promoting my books while my friends headed out for evenings of fun. I’ve missed out on quite a bit trying to achieve this dream of writing for a living.

But has it all been worth it?

This new dog of mine is showing me that there is more to life than writing (I know, sounds crazy). By needing my attention he has forced me to leave my solitude and actually go for walks and car rides. This dog won’t allow me to spend the beautiful days holed up inside. In just two short weeks this dog has shown me what may be more important than writing.

Enjoying life.

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