Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reviews speak for themselves

DROP OUT http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FX0K7U continues to pull in five star reviews from all over the world and I’m still getting an average of ten to fifteen emails a day from readers telling me how much the story has affected them. It took a powerful experience such as watching my friend die quickly from cancer to have forged such an intense and emotional story. Though the actual plot of the story is fiction, I’m continually getting notes from people asking if I really went through what happens in the story.

Like all good fiction the story is based on actual events but the details are imaginary. As a writer, I try and capture the human experience with words and when I’ve done it properly (as I believe in the case of this book) the reward is beyond material.

As I finish my latest book (a dystopian sci-fi) I’m gearing up to start another literary fiction. Unlike DROP OUT, this new novel will deal with what happens right after you die, not the emotions prior, as is the case with DROP OUT. We are all curious about what happens when we pass away. Though I do have a brief outline written I’m excited to see where this concept will lead and what plots will develop. I’m planning on the novel taking nine months to write.

Until then, here is another five star review for DROP OUT recently placed on Amazon. Please read the book. It will affect you. To learn more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING 

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5.0 out of 5 stars Drop Out, August 31, 2013
This review is from: Drop Out (Kindle Edition)
This was an interesting and unique story, fast paced, heart pounding, with realistic and well-rounded characters that hit home.

The hero Nathan Cruz, a Philadelphia Phillies fan, survived that horrific day on 09/11/2001 in New York City. He is able to save other's lives, except those that mean the most to him: his pregnant fiancé and both parents in Tower Two. He is badly scarred - physically and emotionally - and lost...so he drops out of society.

Ten years' later, Nathan lives a solitary life on an old boat, growing his own herbs, and fishing for his own meals in the Florida Keys. His only companion is a chicken who lives on the boat with him.

Nathan doesn't seek shelter when a Hurricane is approaching. He has nothing to live for anyway. Despite his boat being destroyed and losing what few possessions he owned, he survives. He meets the only other human being brave enough to stay behind.

Miriam has her own heart-wrenching story and only days to share it with Nathan. She enables Nathan to embrace his physical scars, to care again, to feel again, to love again. For ten years, Nathan lived in the darkness of his survival guilt. Within two days, Miriam helps Nathan to see the lightness of life.