Monday, August 26, 2013


August has been a rough month for my creativity and output. It seems that every day there’s another distraction that keeps me from my craft. There are family obligations, work obligations, friend obligations, and now dog obligations.

Yup, just got a dog the other day. He’s a rescue dog from a shelter, so I feel like I’ve saved a life. How does a serious writer such as myself go about picking the right dog? Well, first of all it had to be an older dog. Training and disciplining puppies can takes weeks away from my everyday schedule of morning writing and marketing in the afternoon. It had to be a quiet dog, for obvious reasons. It had to be housebroken, for obvious reasons. And it had to be gentle and sweet, for obvious reasons.

With a little luck and a lot of research, I welcomed Freddie the puggle into my home. As I sit here writing this post, Freddie is lounged-out in front of my office door bathing in the golden sunlight coming through the glass. He is a good, quiet, gentle writer’s dog. As I watch him twitch and quiver with dreams, I can only imagine, as years go by, how many novels I will write with Freddie at my side. Perhaps, he may even inspire one or two. Good boy, Freddi. Good boy.

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