Friday, January 31, 2014

Kick starter

Trying something new to gain exposure. I've started a Kick starter project and have sent this post to my numerous writer's sites to see if I can gain some support. I'll keep posting updates on how it's going. Here is the post:

Hello. My name is Neil Ostroff and I have started a project on Kickstarter that I am hoping will get fully funded. I am an author of twelve books (nine published) with a tenth coming out this spring. You’re welcome to learn all about me and my books by clicking the links on Kick starter.

I am hoping to raise funds for a huge marketing and promotion campaign for my latest sci-fi series, THE END TIME. If you help fund this campaign I will publish your full name in the book either under the acknowledgements section or, depending on the size of the donation, to actually have a main character named after you. I have a large fan base and my books have hit the Amazon best seller list. Here is a chance to have your name immortalized forever in a published book!

Please check out my kick starter project and the benefits of contributing. Thank you very much for your time.


Support to complete new sci-fi series