Friday, November 9, 2012

Books can save you

It’s been two weeks since my last post and I’m still at a loss over the destruction caused by hurricane Sandy. Though I was away on vacation at the time of impact, I had relatives that were evacuated from New Jersey staying at my house so they surveyed the damage for us. We sustained some minor roof and siding damage and lost power for five days, which resulted in us having to throw away all of our refrigerated food. We were lucky. Sometimes it takes something as powerful and tragic as a major weather event to realize how good society has it and how much technology rules our lives. When I asked my relatives what they did during the outage, they replied; we read. The answer seemed so simple, yet so profound. In this day of TV, and video games, ipads, ipods, Twitter, Facebook, etc. what my family and I’m sure thousands of families relied on to keep from going crazy was reading. A good story can temporarily take away all those other worldly distractions and the miserable plight some of you are in right now. I’m sure a few of my followers won’t be able to read this post because they still do not have power. But what they can read are books and hopefully find peace and acceptance amidst all this destruction.

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