Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I finally received the insurance check to fix the damage left by superstorm Sandy. Though, I count myself among those lucky enough to still have their home, the storm did a bit of damage to the roof, gutters, and some interior stuff. A power surge blew my computer, erasing countless scraps of ideas and phrases. I know I should have backed them up, but I had so many I thought I take a full day to do it. That day won’t happen now. I also lost more than two weeks of marketing online, which as I’ve proven again and again, that much time away from writer’s groups can really affect sales. And it did. I’m way down for this month.  There were also a few other promotional opportunities that I missed because of the power outages and disrupted services. But, now I’m back promoting and finishing up on my latest novel which stress from the storm has delayed. I’ve got roofer estimates coming out tomorrow and I’ve hooked up my laptop to my desktop system until I can get a new one. Okay world, I’m back!

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