Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Changing the description

When you buy a book especially on the internet, what do you look for? Is it the cover that attracts you? The reviews? The description? The key to selling books is to have all three of these as plus’s. A good cover, good unbiased reviews, and a blurb that makes people want to look at the book. With ebooks, a consumer can’t take it off the shelf and feel its texture, skim through the pages, get a sense of the thickness and how long it will take to read. They must rely on the free sample pages and all the other fluff on the webpage to make their decision. Now, for me, there’s one book in my collection that just isn’t measuring up in sales as my others. That book is DEGENERATES. I know DEGENERATES is a book that will appeal mostly to guys and that seventy percent of readers are woman, so I knew I had that going against me, and the cover is a little grisly. But the reviews I’ve gotten both on Amazon and on various other sites have all been favorable. So, why isn’t it selling like I want? I’ve come to the conclusion that my blurb isn’t as good as it should be. It doesn’t compel you to want to read the book; it doesn’t spark curiosity. So, I’ve decided to change it. Simplify it. Cut the essence of the book down to its bare bones. Now, it may take several weeks for the new blurb to appear on book sites, so it may be a while before I can report if there has been a change in sales. But, I will. Here’s the new blurb, we’ll see how it does.

DEGENERATES - Beware dark alleyways and deserted streets at night. Don't talk to the handsome stranger sitting alone at the bar. Keep your children close if they play in the park. But especially watch out for City Café, that's where the degenerates are.