Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Experiment over!

About a month ago, I read an article about ebooks and what the price points sell the most. Here's the quick breakdown. $1.99 is the worst price point. For some reason readers don't like that combination of numbers. The second best price point is $0.99. Yes, the cheapest books aren't selling the most. That could be for a few reasons, one of them that the big name authors and publishing houses generally sell their books for a lot higher than that.

The best price point, believe it or not, is $2.99. That number far outsells those books priced in any other range. That being said, I decide to raise the prices on my adult novels to that number. I was also hoping to get another Ereader News Today sponsorship for DROP OUT and then lower the price to $0.99 for that. Alas, here's what happened.


Upon raising my prices sales for my adult books plummeted. I went almost two weeks without a single sale for DROP OUT, which had averaged several sales a day before, and my other books also took a beating. I'm not sure why raising my prices had such an impact on sales, I used to think perceived worth spurned a certain curiosity factor in readers.

With free samples chapters and numerous reviews, I believe I'm offering a pretty solid product and reading experience for the cost, nevertheless, it's time to lower prices again. I'd rather have hundreds of people read my books and make little money off it than no one reading my books. By tomorrow, all my books will be available on Amazon for just $0.99. Happy reading.