Monday, February 10, 2014

Little surprises!

When you’re as active on writer’s sites as I am you occasionally receive what I like to call a little gift from the creative spirit. Case in point, yesterday when I received notice that one of my posts on Kindle Direct Publishing forum was tweeted by them. 

I was a little dismayed, I must admit, because I didn’t even know that KDP read the author forum let alone would actually take the post and promote it. I didn’t ask them to do it and wholly appreciate that they did. So, what happened?

With just that one tweet I suddenly saw my books sales begin to increase, literally every fifteen minutes another book would sell. I watched my blog counter (which the links to the post) nearly quadruple its regular hits, and at one point I was getting ten hits a minute. The exposure continued as people re-tweeted and Google + the post, and as of right now, I’m still getting emails from interested readers and my blog counter continues to rise.

So what has this taught me? Well, I must say since there is no way to pay KDP to tweet a post, you must write something pretty darn interesting to get their attention. Also, I’ve paid for many sponsorships over the years some costing hundreds of dollars. I got the same results or better from this free tweet, leading me to believe that I must concentrate on writing strong, interesting posts that will garner attention from the mainstream rather than just posting about my personal book publishing odyssey.

And the last thing I learned from this is that just when you think you’ve been lost in a sea of manuscripts and that no one is reading your stuff or paying attention to what you’re writing, something like this little surprise happens and makes it all worthwhile.