Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best ad deal!

I just signed up for what I believe is currently the best deal in advertising your books on the internet today. I bought two 1-day ad promotions for AFTER and SILENT INVASION on Kindle Boards. This site currently gets more than 100,000 unique hits a day. The ad will run at the top of every page hosted by the site for that whole day, potentially stimulating thousands of sales. And I get all this for a mere $35 dollars per ad. There’s only one catch. The first available spaces are Dec. 4th and 7th of the year 2012. I know that seems like a lifetime away, but knowing that such a powerful ad will appear in the future motivates me to keep marketing. I think that’s the key to persistence. Spacing ads and promo out so if one campaign doesn’t work you know there is another coming up. I have many promo campaigns for all my books over the course of the next few months and now I even have a year out to look forward to. Think how many more Kindle owners there will be and how much larger the site will probably become. Now is a golden time to lock into sponsorship with these emerging ereader sites for very low rates. I noticed that my rates for KND are almost double what I paid and the wait is now more than six months. My ads on KND come out in late March. I’ll blog any great ad deals I find so check back here often. My daily promo for today is SILENT INVASION being feature on INDIE SNIPPETS. Please check it out.