Thursday, January 5, 2012

To sell millions!

That is the goal of most novelists. Not so much because of the greed factor, but that money affords the life of being a writer. Indie publishing can make it happen! That said, here are the final results of my relatively expensive blog ad campaign. I got maybe twenty extra sales because of it. So my advice would be only to place ads that are cheap and give great exposure. My mistake was that I jumped right in with the $40 ads instead of doing more research and finding numerous little ads for $5 which is what ended up happening. Google: cheap blog ads, and you should find a few. Though like I said, those little ads are great exposure but I don’t know how they affect sales. If you’ve been following my hits counter you can see that it’s still going up steadily. I believe that is the result of all this exposure I’ve given myself. My Facebook “likes” have also gone up. I think it’s at about 5,000 now. That’s pretty sweet. I just finished my last rewrite of SILENT INVASION. I wrote the first draft of this book back in 1996. Over the years, the manuscript got me two agents and several reads at big publishing houses. Even though I’m sending this one through the agent ringer, I’m still having my cover artist Judy Bullard design a cover. I want to be ready to publish the book if there’s no takers in New York, which judging by the current publishing climate seems to be about one book in a million. I’ll give it until mid-Feb. and if nothing happens in NY, I’ll sell it through Kindle and Smashwords. By then, my other publicity campaigns should be in full force and my exposure to the world should be awesome! Today, I’m researching more blog sites that offer free listings and cheap ads, and I’m also going to post my blog site on the dozens of forums that I keep track of. It’s not spam because these are forums who invite you to post. If you go to and check out their forum area you’ll find dozens of places to post you site and books for sale. Also, now that my latest is complete, it’s back to work on IMAGINATION. My brain’s been itching to explore the possibilities of our existence.