Monday, January 16, 2012

Exposure, yes!

Just another example of how the internet has changed authors and the exposure that their books are capable of receiving with a little marketing and promotion. Here is a review and blurb about me that appeared in Italy. I couldn’t even read it and had to have my step-daughter translate it for me. This was a totally unsolicited article and I thank the writer for it. Also, now that it’s over, the free book promo on Kindle is resulting in paid sales. Quite a few I might add. The way I understand it, if someone downloaded the promo then the book comes up as a recommendation to their friends as a book he’s read. It also brings up other books by that author, so my other books would appear on his page. It’s a bit confusing but seems to be working. I highly recommend doing this. My Facebook Fan page is also way up in likes and my blog is nearing 50,000 hits. I’ve composed another list of all the sites I belong to and market and promo my stuff on. I’m tweaking it down to the very best places and I will post it when it’s complete. By my estimation, every time I post a blog comment it reaches an audience of about 2,000 people, so I’m becoming more aware of what I post and try to keep the boring stuff about the writing life to myself. That said, SILENT INVASION is well under way as my next release. The cover is complete and I’ve been in contact with Chris, my ebook formatter. Most of you know the history behind this book from past posts so I won’t go into detail about it. I’m going to start booking ads and sponsor space now, so I’ll be ready to go when it’s released. This has potential to be a big one because it is the first in the series of three (two are already released). If I do this properly, I could attract an audience that will read all three. Now that I’ve narrowed what works and what doesn’t with marketing, this could take off as a monster. Also, I’m back working on IMAGINATION, which is turning into the wildest, mind-bending, head-spinning project I’ve ever worked on. Here’s the cover for SILENT INVASION out soon.