Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello, New York!

Since my website and blog pages are getting so much attention I’ve decided to submit SILENT INVASION to try and get an agent, again. Though, as I said before, it’s more of an ego thing than anything else. I figure with my sites getting so much traffic I can use that info in my query as a great platform. Since most agents won’t even look at an author unless he’s got the basic WWW promotion down, at least I might spark someone’s attention. Although I’ve made money from my books, it would be nice to get an advance, even a little one. Anyway, I’ll post the query I’m going to use once I finish it. As far as the viral thing goes… it’s still happening and you can check my page stats daily to prove it. I’m looking forward to the next month since it’s quiet at my work and I will have a lot of time to write and market. I’m going to get back writing IMAGINATION, and may tinker with my YA hardcore literary, WASTED. I’m probably going to try some more cheap blog ads just for the exposure and I’m still waiting for Kindle Nation and Substance books to start their promotions. Who knows, maybe someone important will see my efforts and sign me without having to write all those queries. Oh, and one other thing. I’m involved in a lot of threads that offer to promote your book or blog. Don’t take those too seriously and put too much effort into posting constantly. Maybe one post a week on each thread. I’ve discovered that so many people post their sites that it really is just a matter of luck and interest, not volume that will get people to your site.