Friday, December 30, 2011

Ah… sales!

Yeah! Sales are increasing! My blog is now averaging about 75-100 hits an hour. My Facebook Fan page has almost 3,500 “likes” and my Authors Den profile is averaging 100 hits a day. So, here’s the breakdown of all my promotional and marketing efforts so far. The newspaper article scheme did nothing for sales but probably exposed me to a few new people. I would recommend against it. The ads I paid good money for, like the Litopia and YA did almost nothing for sales. Perhaps, I got a dozen from them. They’re still running for another week so I guess we’ll see. The programmers I hired to code in my blog, well, you can see the results on my stats bar. I have a few really big promotions coming up. First, is my online publicist’s promotion, which starts in two weeks. This should blast sales according to her. I also have a few interviews coming out that I’ll announce. And the biggest plan of all is the one causing me the most trouble. I’m trying to place an ad campaign on Kindle Nation Daily, and bought the space, but it’s nearly impossible to get a hold of them because they have been swamped with authors after a national story on them exposed how powerful a sales tool the site is. They said I’d be in sometime in the next month. An ad on Kindle Nation Daily does wonders for sales and Amazon ranking, so it’s worth the wait. Also, most of my back link encryptions won’t affect sales for a few weeks. So, as it goes with my available books, things are definitely moving. As for books in progress. I’ve paused on IMAGINATION after 20,000 words written. The book is getting very ethereal and complicated, and I need the quiet of January to concentrate on it. Until then, I’ve been doing a final read on SILENT INVASION, the final book in a series and an updated rewrite of my 2003 release TIM MADISON GALACTIC WARRIOR. I’ve been thinking that the book is so good (in my biased opinion) and my author’s platform getting so much attention, that I might try and get another agent with it. Getting an agent is purely for my ego, I could probably make more money doing the book myself. We’ll see. Here’s the links to my latest ad’s that only cost me five dollars each to place. As I’ve said before, blog ads are a great, and inexpensive way to get exposure.