Friday, December 16, 2011

Starting now!

It’s done! I’ve just put money into promotion. A pretty good chunk, actually. I’m starting with Kindle Nation Daily site. I’ve done some research and heard a lot of positive things about this site and what it can do for your sales. They even have a statistics page that shows you all the books whose ranking went down after placing ads. I signed up for two campaigns. One, the bigger one, won’t start until March, which is fine because hopefully there’ll be many more Kindle owners by then. The second should hit sometime next week. I’ll announce it. I also bought my first promotion. For five bucks this guy says he’ll place my blog link on his sites and utube channels that have 50,000 followers. I mean, for five bucks why not. I’ll know instantly if my page views go up. Next up, is contacting Substance books and getting that search engine optimization underway. Then, if off to update and work on my Facebook author page and Amazon Central page. Gotta get all the new reviews and descriptions in. I also bought three ads on the Goodreads pay-per-click. We’ll see how that works out. I was also thinking of contacting a newspaper to see if they’d like to do an article on all this I’m doing. Who knows? So, my credit card is a little hot right now, but my soul feels good. If this doesn’t work out at least I can say I tried my best in the golden age of indie publishing.
Just a quick update. I’m at 12,500 words for IMAGINATION. And here’s a link to a review that I discovered it by accident. It’s not too bad.